The Buying Guide To The Best Red Tea

The Buying Guide To The Best Red Tea

Rooibos tea has been enjoyed by African natives for hundreds of years, but it’s only in recent times that people in the United States have begun to hear about its benefits.

This amazing tea, coming from the shrub Aspalathus Linearis, has so many advantages for our health as well as tasting delicious, so it’s no wonder that people are looking for the best red tea to get all of this and more for themselves.

Preparing red tea.

Most rooibos tea varieties come in either ready-made tea bags or as a loose-leaf, so it all depends on the tea drinker and where their preferences lie. Whether you’re looking for the best organic rooibos tea or the best tasting rooibos tea, we’ve searched far and wide to find those that have the best reputation on the market.

When you begin drinking something like rooibos tea, you want to make sure you’re getting all of the benefits from it, and that’s why it’s important not just to pick any old brand. There are many things to look for when trying to find the best rooibos tea brand, and we’re here to show you just what features are a must-have.

This comprehensive buying guide will show you our top picks for the best quality rooibos tea on the market, with different styles and prices to suit everyone. The sooner you’re able to find the perfect tea, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy its numerous health benefits.

Our Recommendations For The Best Rooibos Tea Brand

Whenever a new health craze like this hits the market, we become inundated with numerous products all claiming to be the latest and greatest. If you’re looking to benefit from the wonders of red tea you’ll need a product that can actually deliver on what it promises, and so we’ve found the top-rated rooibos teas around to show you what they offer.

Winner: My Red Tea Rooibos Tea

When you’re looking for a completely natural, certified organic, and sustainably farmed red tea, there’s no better choice than My Red Tea. This is a unique company that truly cares about the environment it’s farmed from and the people who farmed it, so not only will it be doing you well on the inside you’ll have a sense of contentment knowing you chose the most ethical product.

My Red Tea company was started by a South African native who now lives in California, and they promise to only use the finest and most organic tea leaves sourced from the area. All of their products are addictive, chemical, colorant, and preservative free, so you can be sure you’re getting the very best.

This brand uses only sustainable packaging for their tea boxes and their tea bags are completely unbleached. The tea comes from high in the Cederberg Mountains in South Africa which makes it as genuine as possible, and the rugged conditions of these mountains mean you get a more intense flavor and more potent benefits.

My red tea Organic rooibos tea.

There are some mixed reviews on the taste of this tea, so you might be wondering how it will suit your taste buds. Some customers mentioned it was too weak for their taste and others said it was too strong, so there seems to be quite a difference in opinion here. It’s definitely got the authentic rooibos taste, though, so you don’t need to worry about that.

My Red Tea goes above and beyond what other brands do when it comes to their farming methods. In addition to being sustainably farmed and having the best interest of the farmers and environment in mind, the brand also donates 10 percent of their profits to school funding in the local farming areas.

This tea comes in ready-made tea bags and you have the option of getting either 80 or 160 tea bags in each box. It’s better value to get the larger box, but if you’ve never tried red tea before you might want to start off small to see if you like the taste. As popular as this tea has become lately, though, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy it.

There are countless benefits to be had from drinking even just one cup of My Red Tea a day and it’s also quite soothing to drink, so there's’ no need to do it just for the health rewards.

Many people claimed that having a cup of My Red Tea before bed helped give them the deepest sleep they’ve ever had, and it’s all thanks to the antioxidants and naturally caffeine free properties of rooibos.

Runner Up: Rooibos Rocks Red Tea

Coming in a close second for the best red tea is Rooibos Rocks, which is another all organic red tea option. These tea bags are available in packs of 100, so it will take you a while to get through your supply, even with some people drinking two or three cups a day to reap even more of its rewards.

Rooibos Rocks have done something that more tea makers should take note of and it has to do with their packaging. There are 100 tea bags found inside each box but they’re separated into five separate foil packs which means your tea stays as fresh as the day it was packed, even if it takes you a little longer to get through the whole box.

Rooibos Rocks Rooibos tea.

One complaint that people had with their packaging, though, was that the 20 tea bags found in each foil pack were connected together. You must separate each individual tea bag in order to use it and there will be no string attached if you like to dunk your tea, so keep this in mind if it’s a preference for you.

There seem to be many happy customers who found that Rooibos Rocks was extremely helpful with their insomnia, claiming that having a cup before bed helped to make them calm and drift off peacefully. Because rooibos tea has no caffeine in it, this is just one of the ways that the antioxidant-packed drink can help.

If you prefer to shop for products that suit your moral and ethical standards, you’ll be very pleased to use Rooibos Rocks. Their tea comes from South African mountains and they make sure that it’s all sustainably farmed with a lot of love and care going back into the area and the families who farm there.

Rooibos Rocks is an affordable way to get genuine rooibos tea in your home without having to travel all the way to South Africa. If you’ve been waiting for a chance to try this legendary tea for yourself, this is one brand that knows how to grow and make it right.

Alternative: Davidson’s Tea Red Tea

Davidson’s Tea is a fairly well-known brand for those in the tea drinking community, and they are proud to offer a range of products including loose leaf tea, herbs, spices, and more. For those who take their tea drinking seriously and like to use only the loose variety, you’ll want to get your hands on Davidson’s Tea Red Tea blend.

This loose leaf tea comes in a 16-ounce bag which should last you months, depending on how often you drink it. The one disadvantage to loose leaf tea, though, is that you’ll need other accessories like a tea strainer in order to make yourself a cup, but for those who love this style they believe the extra effort is well worth it.

Davidson's Tea Bulk, Organic South African Rooibos

The reviews for Davidsons’ Tea are generally good, however, some comments on their red tea indicate that people weren’t too happy about what they found in the blend. Some encountered stems and twigs from the tea shrub which they thought shouldn’t be in a premium tea product, but if you’re not fussed about this in your usual loose leaf tea then it won’t be a problem.

Davidson’s Tea Rooibos Tea can offer all of the benefits you’d expect to find in a tea bag, but some believe with higher potency. If you really want to get the optimal benefits for body and mind that rooibos can offer, it might be worth considering if you’re willing to put in the time to brew and strain your tea.

The packaging used for this tea is environmentally friendly and comes with a foil lining and zip lock seal which keeps the freshness in. this means even if it takes you a year to get through your package of Davidson’s Tea Rooibos you’ll still get to enjoy an incredibly fresh cup every single time.

For those who are extremely loyal to their style of drinking tea and only want a loose leaf tea in their kitchen, the best choice is definitely Davidson’s Tea. To get yourself all of the health benefits and calming feel that red tea can offer, this is an affordable and potent way to do so.

Alternative:  Twinings Rooibos Tea

Whether you’ve had just one cup of tea in your life or a thousand, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the Twinings name before. This legendary tea maker has been specializing in the unique drink for years and years, and their recent release of rooibos tea is ideal for anyone looking to give this special brew a try.

Twinings is thought to have a weaker tasting tea when compared to others on the market, so if you’re looking for something strong and flavorful then you might want to keep looking. However, many people find the mild flavors a lot more enjoyable to drink, especially if you’re new to rooibos, so it depends on your personal taste.

The biggest benefit to drinking Twinings Rooibos Tea is the simplicity, as this is a brand who has learned over their many years of operation how to make customers happy. It takes minutes to make your tea and you’ll have a handy little string to keep hold of the teabag with, which is a simple design feature that so many others seem to fail at.

Twinings of London Pure Rooibos Red Tea

There’s nothing by Twinings that claims this tea is organic, so while that might not be a problem for some tea drinkers there are others who would prefer an organic product. Just because the product isn’t organic, though, that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t come with all of the health benefits that red tea offers so you shouldn’t let that deter you.

Twinings knows how to make a tea taste good, and that’s exactly what they’ve achieved with their Pure Rooibos Red Teabags. This is the perfect choice for those just getting into this revolutionary beverage and wanting something a little more pleasant to drink as they get used to the flavors.

If you’ve never tried red tea before and have been waiting for a mild but tasty way to do it then Twinings Pure Rooibos Red Tea Bags are the choice for you. Their simple design, understated packaging, and delicate flavors tick all of the boxes for what you should look for in a good cup of rooibos.

Best Red Tea For Detox

Red Tea Detox

For those who want to get the absolute most out of their rooibos, something like the Red Tea Detox Program is how you achieve it. This product is specifically targeted for people who are looking to cleanse their body and help them to shift the last few extra pounds they might be carrying with a natural approach.

The Red Tea Detox drink uses the power of rooibos with five other natural ingredients that all work together to get inside your body and cleanse. In the process, you’ll find that your appetite is naturally decreased and you’re less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks or sodas that can be adding thousands of calories a week to your diet.

Red tea detox.

Red Tea Detox is a little more expensive than just buying the tea bags alone, so if you’re looking for the cheapest way to get a hit of red tea this isn’t for you. However, because it’s been specially formulated by a naturopath and features other beneficial natural ingredients, you’re really paying for all of this special treatment.

Aimed specifically at those who are looking to lose weight, there’s no reason that other people couldn’t benefit as well, even if you don’t want to shed any pounds. It still gives you all of the benefits of rooibos plus the other natural ingredients that are found inside, and because it’s been created by an experienced naturopath you can feel peace of mind that it’s good for you.

The program comes with the drinks as well as other materials that can help improve your health and help you to lose weight, so it’s more than just a daily beverage to consume. You’ll get access to a bunch of online materials, recipe books, and guides, so you’re able to get the very best use out of your rooibos tea to see the most benefits.

This is the ideal choice for someone looking for a complete detox program and wanting to get as much from drinking red tea as possible, as long as you’re happy to pay a little extra for it. 

Red Tea Detox is a great product for anyone who’s indulged a little too much or just wants a fresh start in life with their health or weight, and you’ll get all of the benefits of rooibos and more.

What Makes Red Tea The Best Choice

Now that we know who offers the best rooibos tea on the market, it might help to learn a little more about why it’s so popular. In addition to having a soft and delicate flavor that many people find calming and soothing, there are a number of health benefits that you just won’t find with other tea.

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    Cures headaches;
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    Relieves insomnia and promotes restfulness;
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    Eases stomach upset and cramps;
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    Reduces appetite;
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    Cures asthma, eczema, and other allergies;
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    Fights premature aging;

What To Look For When Buying Rooibos Tea

Although we’ve shown you our top picks for the best red tea around, if you find yourself faced with a new brand and want to know whether they’re any good, there are some simple things to look for. Here are a few questions you can ask when you are trying to source the best rooibos tea.

  • Where is it grown? - Truly authentic rooibos is grown in the Cederberg region of South Africa. This is a mountainous area that allows the shrub to grow in the best conditions, so you should always be sure this is where your tea was grown.
  • Is it sustainably farmed? - When shopping for a product like rooibos that is grown in South Africa, we need to be cautious of the farming methods used. As the plant is quite limited in where it’s grown and how much is made, it’s important to support the sustainable farming of it so that we can continue to enjoy it for years to come.
  • Is it USDA approved? - The United States Department of Agriculture certifies products to prove that they are safe for consumption. Their National Organic Program works at certifying products that are able to show they are 100 percent organic and if it has their stamp of approval you can guarantee that you’re getting a natural product.
  • How Often Do You Drink It? - Tea has the ability to go stale quite quickly and when left out, so you need to choose a product and packaging that suits your drinking style. For those who like a lot of tea you’ll want a bigger box or more loose leaves but those who are only occasional drinkers, it’s best to buy smaller quantities so that it can keep its freshness. 
  • What Size Is It? - Tea bags and loose leaf teas come in different sizes, so again you need to shop to suit your consumption. It’s generally cheaper to buy in bulk but not if you won’t drink it that fast, so only get the size you need. Tea bags usually start in smaller packages of 20 or less and can go up to over 100 bags. 
  • Other Reviews - The most important thing you can use to judge a tea’s quality is the reviews of others. This will indicate how it tasted and whether people thought it was authentic, so you can use the knowledge of others to make your decision. 

A Powerful Tea Full of Benefits

Every so often we are lucky enough to learn about foods and drinks that have been enjoyed by other cultures for centuries and harness their powers for ourselves. Rooibos tea is one of those revolutionary products that will change the way we look at health from now on, and it’s all thanks to the African natives who discovered the plant.

When you’re completely new to the wonders of rooibos it can be confusing knowing exactly what product to buy, so we hope this comprehensive guide has helped to push you in the right direction.

Woman drinking red tea.

Teas like this that provide so many benefits should be powerful enough to deliver, but they also have to taste good, so it’s finding that delicate balance that is so important to tea drinkers.

Red tea will no doubt continue to take off in coming years and more and more people learn about its benefits for the body and mind. By getting involved now and drinking a daily cup of red tea or more, you’ll know more about this amazing natural source and be able to choose the better quality blends from those that are inferior.   


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