My Red Tea Rooibos Tea Review

My Red Tea Rooibos Tea Review

If you’re someone who genuinely cares about their well-being and wants to be sure that all of the products you use, the food you eat, and drinks you consume come from the best places possible, you want to be sure you’re buying brands that can deliver.

Too many companies out there today claim to be organic or naturally sourced but fall short delivering on their promises, so when you find a product that actually does you want to hold onto it tight.

My red tea Organic rooibos tea.

For those interested in the benefits of rooibos tea, or red tea, you might have found plenty of brands out there that package it but not so many that focus on an organic and ethically sourced product. Therefore, you put the benefits of red tea to the back of your mind because it seems there are no products out there that can deliver the goods.

My Red Tea is a brand that is about to change all of that, with a completely organic approach to growing and packaging this wonder drink. If you’ve been hesitating about starting to enjoy the benefits of rooibos tea because you didn’t know where it was sourced from, this is the one to try.

Every product made by My Red Tea is completely natural and organic, so you know that you’re enjoying only the best benefits from it. With peace of mind that you’re drinking something natural and free from additives or chemicals, you’ll be able to reap even more rewards from this amazing drink that the world has been enjoying for centuries.

About The Product

My Red Tea is a tea brand that cares about your health, the environment, and those who farm it, offering a completing ethical approach to creating and packaging this wonder tea.

Not only is the tea itself grown organically, but all of the suppliers that work with the brand also follow the same ethos, so you can be guaranteed you’re purchasing a product that’s gentle on the environment and others.

If you’ve been researching the benefits of red tea and waiting for a brand to come along that ticks all of the boxes for what you need in a product, you’ll be pleased with everything this offers. Red tea has been proven to cure insomnia, headaches, eczema, and more, so regardless of what you’re using it for you’ll definitely see results with My Red Tea.

This is the perfect rooibos tea for those who like to shop with the environment in mind as it’s sustainably sourced and a margin of the profits go to education in the rooibos farming communities. When you make the choice to purchase My Red Tea, you’ll get a tea that offers:

  • check
    Free from colorants, preservatives, and artificial ingredients;
  • check
    Sustainably sourced and picked by hand;
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    Sourced from Cederberg Mountains;
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    100% organic tea packaged in unbleached teabags;
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    Naturally caffeine free with many health benefits;
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    Comes with 80 or 160 teabags;

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to see what benefits red tea can offer, this is the best quality product you can start with. It’s completely pure and organic, has a delicious taste, and isn’t caffeinated so it won’t keep you up, so there should be nothing stopping you from giving it a go.

My red tea organic rooibos tea.

Pros And Cons

The best thing about My Red Tea is that once you buy it you can feel really good about choosing a product that is not harmful to the environment, those who farm it, or your body. With no additives or colorants and 10 percent of the profits going back into the farming communities to help with education, this is a feel-good tea before you even take a sip.

My Red Tea has so many benefits to be enjoyed, whether you’re just using it as a way to stop drinking sodas and juice or want to get all of the health benefits from it. It’s naturally caffeine free so there’s no need to worry about it keeping you up at night, and you can enjoy a few cups a day guilt free.

It’s hard to find a negative with this tea when you read the reviews, as there seem to be a few varying opinions on the taste. There are some that believe the taste of the tea is too strong and others who claim it’s too weak, so it seems to be a matter of personal opinion that can only be decided by your own taste buds.

How To Get My Red Tea

You’re probably already aware that most supermarkets have a distinct lack of rooibos tea options, which is why the best place to buy some is online. Amazon has My Red Tea Rooibos Tea available in two different package sizes of 80 or 160 tea bags, starting at under $20 a box. Depending on how many cups you have a day, you’ll be able to get great value for this tea that has so many benefits.

As a nice bonus, Amazon will also ship the tea for free to your door which saves you even more money.

Amazon Prime members will reap even more rewards with the free express shipping option that comes with membership so that they can start drinking their organic My Red Tea within 48 hours.

The Verdict

If you’re someone who genuinely cares about how your goods are sourced and created, My Red Tea Organic Rooibos Tea is the only option for you.

You’ll feel so good inside and out knowing that you chose such an ethical and sustainable product, and your body and mind will benefit from this miraculous drink.

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Rooibos tea is one that has been enjoyed for many years, but something that we are just now learning the amazing benefits of. To get yourself quality red tea that will leave you with peace of mind about how it was sourced, there’s no better option than My Red Tea Rooibos Tea.

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